Too Faced Love Flush Blush and Melted Kisses Review and Swatches



Hello, Hello!

This is a review I wanted to post some time ago as I bought this products around Black Friday.  This is a a Deluxe Kit from Too Faced with three liquid lipsticks and three blushes.

I was curious about it so I purchased it but also because I needed some blush. The whole kit was 36$ if I remember well .

Each shade of lipstick complements the blush. I was pleasantly surprised by these products. Even if they are small , a little goes a long way. They are indeed long wear and the blush is quite pigmented which I like. The lipstick sticks very well to the lips and the sponge applicator makes it easy to apply. Remember that the lipstick is long wear but if you drink coffee you will be able to notice it on the edge of the cup. 😉  Bellow I am posting pictured with each of these shades so you will have an idea about the colors.  I have a medium toward tan skin tone and they work just fine for me. 🙂

  1. Love Hangover Blush and Melted Nude Lipstick


2. Justify my Love Blush and Melted Peony Lipstick


3. Your Love is King Blush and Melted Fig Lipstick IMG_4347

Melted Fig is a bit more purple than how it shows in this picture. Otherwise, the pictures speak for itself as I don’t have any extra comments. This was the first time I bought something from Too Faced. They didn’t disappointed  me so I will consider their products in the future as well.  Oh, the other thing I liked is the scent. These products smell nice. 🙂


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