Manicure with a click!Nail Color Pen from Sally Hansen

Hi there!

I just got some extra time while Ema is taking a nap to write about this manicure found.


It is a nail color pen from Sally Hansen. I got it from one of my step daughters so I don’t know how much it costs but this is an awesome tool so I will browse the stores and get another one.


It is fast dry and easy to apply so it is perfect if you are in a hurry or want to carry it in your purse for retouch as you don’t have to worry about taking care of a nail polish bottle that might spill when you want to do your manicure fast.

I got this in the Turquoise Chrome color, which is a metallic Turquoise as you can see in the picture. The nails got dry very fast , let’s say it took about 1 minute or 2 . I added a top coat though for extra shine and protection but that doesn’t dry as fast.


Anyway, I would say this is a must buy. I love how easy it works and how practical this is.


I have to catch up around here as I have lots of reviews for some good beauty products and also some new makeup but my time got so precious right now! 😀


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