The money you have to spend to discover the perfect products

Hello and Happy Easter for those of you who celebrate today or who celebrate Easter in general! 🙂

I am writing this article because I finally reached that point where I can say I can stick with certain products after spending so much money on so many things I discovered I didn’t like or just didn’t work for me.

I was getting so frustrated when I would buy something , get really excited for it and then didn’t reached my level of expectations. I would have it for a while in my drawers just taking space and reminding me on money thrown away.

I feel that this year I want to focus on finding the right products that I can stick with for a long time and don’t waste my money on products I will never use. I bet this happened to many of you. I will share with you some of the products I already settled with and found that they are between the best out there on the market. Remember that sometimes is only about the brand and you will find awesome products that don’t cost that much.

Here comes my list! 🙂

Foundation :

-Infallible from L’Oreal – mate look and super persistent.Nice coverage. Always got compliments on it and super price.

-Clinique- Even Better – I got a sample of this and indeed in gives you a perfect skin complexion. It’s very nice and good with your skin.


Makeup remover :

  • Take the day off from Clinique is awesome. You can erase heavy eye makeup very fast.
  • POND’S makeup remover wipes – work awesome when it comes to lifting up makeup.

Lipstick :

  • Infallible from L’Oreal – I will buy all the colors. It stays put on the lips, good price, nice colors and no hustle. Kiss, eat, drink , the lipstick still there.

Shampoo :

  • Paul Mitchel – Awapuhi Rich Shampoo and The Detangler Conditioner – perfect for me and I’m using it for a while.

Moisturizer :

  • Moisture surge and Dramatically Different from Clinique.

Body Moisturizer :

  • Wet Skin Moisturizer from Jergens.

This is my list for products I settled for finally. When it comes to blush and eye shadow is hard to settle because I love the different textures and colors. But the products in the list above I found it as the best and also good price. 🙂

Did you settled for one product in particular or thinking about it? 🙂


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