This foundation is really awesome

Hi there!

It has been a while and here I am finally!

I jumped on my blog a little to share with you guys a review about this foundation I really like. I wanted to stop to the one from L’Oreal Infallible as it is as well a great one at an unbeatable price but I settled for a second one as well.

Some time ago I bought some Clinique products and as they always give some free gifts , between them it was a sample to this Even Better foundation. Because of breastfeeding my skin gets some acne now and I have a combination type of skin.  The one I had from L’Oreal was great as it’s matte and infallible indeed but I always loved some glow without looking too oily while getting some good coverage.

Anyway, I put on the Even Better foundation from Clinique and I was like: How come my skin looks so perfect?  I realized it was the foundation. I looked at it as if I found the Holy Grail! Of course I went and bought the full size . 🙂

If you are not convinced go to the Clinique Counter and ask for a sample in the right shade for you to try it yourself.

Mine is a gold shade of Honey and suits well my medium , golden tone skin.  The sample I had was Neutral N and fitted me pretty well too.

Beautiful , healthy looking skin, good coverage, skin safe ingredients, good quality, good price , 27$ . It’s really worth it. 😉 IMG_4788



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