The IT Cosmetics try IT kit!

Hello everyone! 🙂

I have this kit for almost a year. My husband bought it for me as a Valentine’s Day Gift. He actually saw the advertising on TV on one of those shopping channels and he thought is a nice product and I would like it. I must say, the Kit comes with a bunch of nice products , some of them full size.


  1. The foundation. Very nice, smells good, you can get from low coverage up to full coverage. Covers nice and gives a healthy glow to the skin. It made me smile when I applied on my face. It felt good. 🙂 My only problem is that because I have a combination type of skin and live in Texas , if I sweat this will kind of come off and I need something that sticks better but all in all this is very nice. I would apply it with one of those blender sponges than with a brush because the brush has the tendency to wipe it off somehow instead of making it stick.
  2. The concealer. I loved it. A little goes a long way, gives a glowy look , covers well and feels nice on your skin. I would repurchase this and recommend this. I think is perfect for a more mature skin that needs more moisture.
  3. Lip Vitality Flush in Je Ne Sais Qui . I will say this. I never used a lipstick or lip balm until it’s almost done. This is the only one! It’s more like a balm but gives you a natural, rosy/peachy tint on your lip while moisturizes. Love it!
  4. Hello Lashes Mascara. It’s a nice Mascara, but when it comes to Mascara I can’t really make a difference between the brands. I liked though and I love the brush.
  5. The brush is good quality.
  6. The blush,highlight and bronzer contour palette  , I use a lot. It has a very smooth texture.
  7.  I forgot to add the loose powder, Bye bye pores. I guess it’s good but I don’t really use powders so I can’t give an honest review.


Bellow, there is a picture with a full face makeup using only the products on this kit. I used the contour palette as an eye-shadow. The bronze in my crease, the blush on my lid and the highlighter for inner corner and brow bone.  The result is a natural glowy look.


This kit is a good deal and it is worth giving  a try.




4 thoughts on “The IT Cosmetics try IT kit!

  1. Great post! IT has some great products. I tried the concealer, but it was too heavy for me. I have the Your Skin But Better CC+ Foundation in the powder. It has a SPF of 50, which I like, but it can be heavy. I’m 57 and don’t like to wear too much make up. I have really good skin for my age, so I like to keep things light.


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