I’m 30 now so skin care is important!

I haven’t been writing here for a while but it’s time to start again. This time is about skin care . I’m 30 now so this became important. Fortunately I do not wrinkle fast and maybe my combination skin helped a lot as it keeps more moisture on my T-Zone.  Most of the products I use are not necessarily age-defense products but serum and good moisturizing products.  You need good moisturizers!

This is the first time I actually follow a skin regimen because until now I would only use moisturizer and an eye cream and even that not every day.


In the evening I start with removing my makeup in case I was wearing any that day.

I found this very cool, nice , oil free makeup remover from Bliss . It does feel like a wash and it’s very gentle.

I follow with washing my face. I use this Oily skin formula from Clinique. I like it because it is gentle on my skin.

Twice a week, I’m using the Collagen Lift Mask from Quick Fix Facials. This is anti-aging and with time skin starts loosing firmness due to decrease of collagen so an instant lift feels great.

I apply a hydrating plumping serum. I like this one from Nip+Fab Dragon’s Blood infused. I apply it on my neck as well because neck can show your age faster than your face!

The next one in line is this soothing moisturizer with cucumber and almond oil from Yes To (cucumbers). This feels so good on your skin and smells so refreshing, like cucumbers, but what I like about it, is that it doesn’t leave your face greasy.

For eyes I use two creams , one is energizing “Reviving Eye Cream” from “Skin Blossom” and the other one is for dark circles and fine lines “Dark Circle Corrector” from “No.7” , it’s like a tinted eye cream and has three little cooling rolling balls that allows you to massage the under eye area and also get rid of the puffiness.

I follow the same regimen in the morning except for the makeup remover and face wash.

I only rinse my face with water.

It sounds like probably a lot but I can see my skin loving it! 😉



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