#Selfie #Girlconfidencemovement

FullSizeRender (6)

I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve put myself together so I started again yesterday, continued today and finally posting a selfie of myself. I am getting super shy when I have to post pictures of myself and I am so jealous on the girls who do it with so much confidence .

They know they’re beautiful , they know they look hot and they want to share it with the world!

How awesome !

I got carried away with mom life and forgot about all the makeup sitting and waiting for me on the bathroom counter, not to say what I love most about putting on make up is that to me is a form of creative art that relaxes me and makes feel good.

Well today I had a burst of confidence and I felt pretty and I wanted to share it! 😉

Do me a favor and post a picture of your beautiful self wherever you want and even here in the comments section!

Let’s make it like a #girlconfidencemovement ! 😀 (Instagram @emygmueller )


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