My favorite summer blushes

When I think about summer , I think about sun and peaches, oh , and apricots as they are my favorite fruits in the summer. Besides loving it as fruits , I just love peachy shades on a tan skin , especially mixed up with golden shades.

It’s just perfect!

Here are my favorite three that give me the look I want in the summer.

  1. Laura Geller Blush-n-Brighten Golden Apricot – This is my oldest acquisition, I use it a lot and I still have a lot. It;s really pretty! IMG_1158
  2. MAC – Telling Glow , Extra dimension blush.  My newest acquisition. This is from their new collection of blushes. All the shades are so pretty but this one is a good one for my skin tone. Has a nice shimmer so you don’t have to use highlighter.


3. L’Oreal Color Lift Blush, Peach Gold. This one has a creamy texture , it gives you a more natural look so it looks nice even without foundation. It illuminates your cheekbones, so you will have that natural glow look. Very nice blush but L’Oreal never disappoints when it comes to their products . I am very satisfied with this blush and this brand.


Now all I need is a trip to the sea side to get this blushes popping! 😀


#Selfie #Girlconfidencemovement

FullSizeRender (6)

I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve put myself together so I started again yesterday, continued today and finally posting a selfie of myself. I am getting super shy when I have to post pictures of myself and I am so jealous on the girls who do it with so much confidence .

They know they’re beautiful , they know they look hot and they want to share it with the world!

How awesome !

I got carried away with mom life and forgot about all the makeup sitting and waiting for me on the bathroom counter, not to say what I love most about putting on make up is that to me is a form of creative art that relaxes me and makes feel good.

Well today I had a burst of confidence and I felt pretty and I wanted to share it! 😉

Do me a favor and post a picture of your beautiful self wherever you want and even here in the comments section!

Let’s make it like a #girlconfidencemovement ! 😀 (Instagram @emygmueller )

This is a nice mask for clean glowy skin

I recently bought lots of masks , each for a certain skin problem but today I am going to write about only one.

Black Sugar Honey Mask Wash off from Skin Food.

This mask is exfoliating and moisturizing at the same time. Bought it at Ulta, forgot the price but not too expensive.  Indeed I noticed that my skin was looking better and was glowy after using this mask.

It’s probably one of the masks I used most frequently and wanted to recommend it to you guys.

It is worth a buy and a try! 😉

This is a really nice one! BareMinerals Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream.

FullSizeRender (3)

In the past I would have probably not want to try or use something like this. It happened to be at Sephora with my step daughters . One of them has sensitive skin and we were looking for something light for her. She ended up buying a light foundation but I ran into this tinted gel cream from  BareMinerals.

Tried it on my hand and I fell in love instantly.

Very nice, light texture that leaves behind a glowy looking skin.  I never bought anything before from BareMinerals, except for this. I got it at Ulta after all because I wanted to give it a thought for a day before I purchase it. (I sometimes do that).

If you were looking for a very light weight coverage, that is buildable, feels nice on your skin, has SPF (30) , and gives you a dewy fresh look than this is it!

Plus, it has lots of minerals and other good things for your skin!

The SPF is non chemical, it has light weight sheer to medium coverage, hypoallergenic, it does not contain oil,silicone, parabens or fragrance! (as written on the box)

I have a medium golden tone of skin and I got mine in “Dune 7.5 ” shade.

If this describes something you were looking for, you have to give this a try!

I really think it’s amazing!

Almost 30$ is the price! 🙂

Three products I use for “my gym makeup”

Happy Women’s International Day to all of you lovely ladies! 


I love makeup but using a lot when I go to the gym is not really my thing, unless I was out already and it happens to have makeup on or we have a theme on one of the classes , like 80’s HIIT when I did put on makeup for the show and for the fun of it.

I’m not saying that is anything wrong with wearing makeup when you go to the gym, it’s your choice. 🙂

If you want to go light or let’s say enough to cover dark circles or blemishes and look fresh, you only need 3 products: Concealer, Cream blush and a tinted lip balm.

  1. I apply concealer on my trouble areas. Usually under my eyes to brighten up a little and on redness areas.  I use Maybelline Superstay Better Skin (Light/Medium). I really like this concealer.



2.I use a bit of cream blush to bring some flush to my cheeks , not that they are not going to get flushed from the workout. 😉   I have the one from Maybelline, Master Glaze Blush Stick  ( Just Pinched Pink) . This is just the right shade for a bit of blush!



3.Tinted lip balm. My favorite is Vitality  Lip Flush, Lip stain, Je ne sais quoi from IT Cosmetics. I said in a previous review how much I love this one! This is the second time I purchased it and it’s going to be a third time as it’s almost finished.


From time to time I would also apply mascara, but as a general rule this is my quick and simple gym makeup routine.

Here it is a picture with my gym face! I’m not so smiley because it was taken after the workout! ;))