The back to school outfit and my very simple luminous day makeup

Hello everyone and hello Monday! 😀

Today is the first day of school for some so I thought that posting a back to school outfit would be perfect for today. I loved going to school and I wasn’t a nerd . 😛  I just love new beginnings and seeing my colleagues again . .

Plaid school outfits and Oxford shoes are very much in trend so the outfit inspiration for today will match the trend. 😉  Reddish tones go well on everyone .

image (32)


Now, going to a luminous day makeup.  I love fresh faces makeup and not too sophisticated for a day look.  Use some highlighter , preferably a liquid one to add more light to your face.

For this look I used a gold eye shadow  for my eyelid and silver eye shadow for the inner corner of the lid.

To add more definition and to make my eyelashes look fuller and darker , using the push lining technique I applied eyeliner directly in the eyelashes bedding , as close to the eyelashes roots as possible . For that you need a flat tip brush.

I curled my eyelashes, applied some mascara, lipstick and ready.

Of course I used foundation and blush .

Voila! 😉



Wish you all a great


Making my Marsala dress sparkle

Hello everyone! Since it had been decided by the fashion industry that Marsala is the pantone color of 2015 I had to have something on this color. I like this color because it is somehow different and puts a different trend out there.

The dress I am wearing in these pictures is more like a shirt dress but I love the sleeves on it. This is more of a night or party type of wear as I added sparkling elements. The necklace, the clutch, the shoes and the ring.

I wore this dress on my birthday but  in a  more casual style as it was in December and I celebrated  somewhere  outside. I wore it then with Marsala leggings, the same necklace, thigh high black boots  and a rolled sleeved black jacket to highlight the sleeve cut of the dress. 🙂

The dress is a little bit see through and some nice black high waist shorts would look sexy underneath.




Marsala 1



Now I only need a place to wear this outfit. 😉

What is your Marsala item with which you will rock this trend?

One long sleeve maxi dress, 4 styles

Hello everyone! 🙂

I was looking for a long sleeve maxi dress for a while. It looks really elegant but versatile at the same time. It is easy to pull off no matter if it is summer or winter , if you want to look elegant or just are in the mood for a sporty style.  In this article I will show you the 4 styles I chose to wear it but of course I will not limit myself as there are many options to wear such dress.  I found this dress in H&M , was on sale and lucky me, they had only one left which happened to be my size.

I will post here my styles for this dress but I am also open to new ideas. 🙂

1. The classic duo. Black and White.  There is not much to say about this , just combine black and white as you will never go wrong.

Maxi dress1


2. Keep the elegant style but add some color. I went on another classic style and I added red.

Maxi Dress3



3. Mostly black. This is a winter warm type of outfit but still keeps a casual chic type of style. Thick black stockings , black , high heel ankle boots, a long black warm cardigan and a black infinity scarf.

Maxi Dress4


4. The sporty look. You can easily pull this off with a pair of sneakers and a jean jacket.

Maxi dress2



Which one is your favorite and how do you wear your maxi dress? 🙂

Wearing a suit in a fun way

Hi everyone! 🙂 Hope you all had a great weekend. The article today will be about how to make a pant suit look more relaxed , slightly sporty, colorful but still classy. 🙂

To funk up my suit, I used colorful and cute elements, like a deep pink crop top, high top and high heel (not to high) Nike sneakers in a fuchsia like color, a deep pink purse or a cute laptop bag depending on where you go and what you need to carry.



I have a high waist pant suit which goes perfectly with a crop top but if you don’t , just use a cute colorful top.

The accessories :

– To match the colorful sporty look I wore  colorful bracelets and a calorie count watch on my wrist.


– To match the classy style of the suit I wore a pearl necklace in shades of grey.

Suit outfit



Mix it, match it and look original in your pant suit. 😉

The Versatile Blogger Award



Hi and Happy 2015 everyone! It seems that I am starting the year with an award nomination and I like it!

I have been nominated by lovely Poorva from fashionfoodsoul to whom I would like to thank.  You can visit her blog on the link above.  I was pleasantly surprised by the nomination and I will also nominate 15 bloggers as the rules dictate but not before I will share the rules with you. 😉


  1. Show the award on your blog.
  2. Thank the person who nominated you.
  3. Share 7 facts about yourself.
  4. Nominate 15 blogs.
  5. Link your nominee’s blogs & let them know.


As I already accomplished the first two rules I will jump to the seven facts about me. 

1. Although I graduated Law School and Psychology I have worked in a library, a radio station and a bearing company where I was extremely excited to learn new and interesting things and also to travel a lot.

2. I am Romanian but as I was lucky enough to meet my soul mate who is American I gave up everything I had in Romania and moved to US  to start a new and happy life.

3. I love to dance! I mean, I really, really love to dance! Like an obsession. ;))

4. I have 2 dogs and a cat.

5. Beyond the fact that I am interested in beauty and fashion , I am very interested in the mystical side of life.

6. I believe that you need to work on your emotional intelligence to succeeded in life and be happy.

7. Even though I’m 28 I still like to play like a child and make stupid jokes that for me, my husband and few friends are funny.


Ok. Now, that you got to know me better lets know better some other bloggers whom  I will  nominate.




Thanks again Poorva for nominating my blog and good luck to all of you! 🙂