Three products I use for “my gym makeup”

Happy Women’s International Day to all of you lovely ladies! 


I love makeup but using a lot when I go to the gym is not really my thing, unless I was out already and it happens to have makeup on or we have a theme on one of the classes , like 80’s HIIT when I did put on makeup for the show and for the fun of it.

I’m not saying that is anything wrong with wearing makeup when you go to the gym, it’s your choice. 🙂

If you want to go light or let’s say enough to cover dark circles or blemishes and look fresh, you only need 3 products: Concealer, Cream blush and a tinted lip balm.

  1. I apply concealer on my trouble areas. Usually under my eyes to brighten up a little and on redness areas.  I use Maybelline Superstay Better Skin (Light/Medium). I really like this concealer.



2.I use a bit of cream blush to bring some flush to my cheeks , not that they are not going to get flushed from the workout. 😉   I have the one from Maybelline, Master Glaze Blush Stick  ( Just Pinched Pink) . This is just the right shade for a bit of blush!



3.Tinted lip balm. My favorite is Vitality  Lip Flush, Lip stain, Je ne sais quoi from IT Cosmetics. I said in a previous review how much I love this one! This is the second time I purchased it and it’s going to be a third time as it’s almost finished.


From time to time I would also apply mascara, but as a general rule this is my quick and simple gym makeup routine.

Here it is a picture with my gym face! I’m not so smiley because it was taken after the workout! ;))



We can both get some cash at Ulta

Hi there,

If you live in US and you didn’t signed up for Ulta rewards yet, use my code to sign up and we will both get 10$ to spend at Ulta. With all the holidays kits that arrived I think this as an awesome deal.  You need to go at Ulta Beauty Ultamate Rewards.


Yay! 🙂

About the Konmari method.

Hi and Happy Monday!

I recently found out about the Konmari method or how I would like to define it ” decluttering with purpose.”  I had no idea what this was until my friend Elena mentioned it to me by telling me that she is “konmari” her house. I was like:  you’re doing what?! Then, she explained.

It is an entire process which makes decluttering fun and purposeful and it’s founder is Marie Kondo.  Fortunately I started doing it before I even knew what it was. I am a keeper of all kind of unimportant things and so on and to be honest, the one who actually open my eyes about my clutter was my husband so slowly I got in the mood for organizing and realized how good it makes me feel.

Anyway, one of the things you should guide yourself about keeping or not something you own is , according to Marie Kondo, if it sparks joy. Speaking for myself , everything I own, I bought because it sparked joy so this is not a good point for me but if it sat there and I didn’t use it for a while, then I throw it away. I just have to be in the mood to do Konmari.

Now, let’s go to a more amusing part which is my advice for you about when not to Konmari. ;))

If you find yourself on PMS, hungry, after a breakup or it’s just   Monday…don’t konmari as you might feel like you don’t like anything , be in a bad mood and throw away nice stuff. 😀

Now, if you do choose to Konmari…take your time. Have a cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate, a glass of wine even, look around the house to have a general idea , relax,  smile and get down to business. 😉

Have yourself a happy konmari! 😉

Cheap stuff that won’t disappoint you

Hello there,

I didn’t write in a while but the pregnancy has something to do with it. It makes me so lazy. I feel like I don’t want to use my brain for anything. This is my last month from my third trimester and I just feel more tired and puffy.  ;))  Anyway, I am still interested in make up and beauty so the other day I stopped by Dollar General and I found some interesting things there at excellent prices and I would like to share my findings with you.

  1. Cotton Powder Puffs. These are better to use when applying powder on your problem areas than a brush because you can just slightly pat the powder to fix it without brushing away the foundation.  It’s a pack of 3 and it was around 2$.


2. Cosmetic Sponge Wedges.  This is a great one time use for applying make up or for using it to help you with your nail art . I soon realized that they are a must have. It’s 28 in a pack for just 2$.


3. The blending sponge. This is a great tool to have. We all love it and for 2$ works as well as the expensive ones. I couldn’t see too much of a difference, plus I like to have more than one of these.



4. Callus Remover. This has nothing to do with make up but has to do with beauty, even if we talk about the beauty of your feet.  2$ as well, as I remember. It is small and efficient if you don’t have plenty of time to run for a pedicure.



Dollar General has become a great store to find small beauty and nails supplies at great prices. Doing some market research can help you actually save your money for other type of things is actually worth investing more money .

Spend your money smart girls! 😉



The way I cleaned and conditioned my makeup brushes

Hi there! 🙂

It took me a while to put myself together and start cleaning my brushes. I actually have a professional makeup brushes cleaner but my brushes needed more than that so I finally did it.


The way I cleaned my brushes:

  1. Made a mixture from gentle hand soap and olive oil.
  2. Dip each brush in it.
  3. Rub each brush on top of my hand to make sure it gets all the make up out of it.
  4. Rinse with water until it comes clean.
  5. Let it dry on a clean towel .


I really loved how the olive oil conditioned my brushes. They were shiny and soft.  My brushes were sitting on my bathroom counter but because dust can sit on them pretty fast I moved all of them in the drawer .